Monday, 16 June 2008


I’m using a close up filter for some of the shots I wouldn’t call it a lens as such; it only works with the Panasonic Lica lens on wide angle. There is a bit of distortion but I wouldn’t want to get too close to this puppet's head it’s not very flattering.

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mondotrasho said...

Typically you don't want too wide an angle when you're shooting faces because the perspective, as you've observed, distorts the face and makes it look fat. Pro photogs usually us long lenses from 10s of feet away from their models to make them look more flattering and to achieve a nice bokeh in the background. Try and use as high a focal length as possible this will also shorten the front back depth of field giving you more of that "film look". Note: it's harder to achieve short depth of field on the FZ50 because of the smaller sensor size (1:1/8) which optically expands depth of field (in this case not always a good thing).